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Advisors of the Nonprofit Board


Franny Bell

Advisor Chair

Franny Bell is serving as President of The Power of Music Club at Indian Hill High School for the 2023-2024 school year. She also serves as the Chair of the Student Advisory Board to the nonprofit. In addition to The Power of Music, Franny participates in professional, community, and educational theatre across the Greater Cincinnati region. She plans to study musical theatre in college.


Emma Stacey


Emma Stacey is a student at Indian Hill High School and serves as the Media Coordinator for the Power of Music. Emma has had a passion for music and singing since a very young age. She is an active member within her school’s choir and theatre productions, and has been a member of POM for almost 2 years. When she is not participating in these activities, Emma enjoys vocal performance, and writing and creating music in her free time. 


Freddie Kong


Freddie Kong is a student at Indian Hill High School. The Power of Music has done a lot for Freddie in helping her connect with other students and members of the larger community. She is trained in voice, acting, and dance. Freddie has been active in IH theatre and various Cincinnati companies since elementary school. This is her first year as a POM leader and is honored to have a larger responsibility in spreading joy through music. 


Hayden Longbottom


Hayden Longbottom is a senior at Indian Hill High School and is the men's section leader of the Power of Music. Hayden loves participating in his school musicals, including Jesus Christ Superstar where he portrayed Jesus, and Les Miserables as Marius. Hayden is very excited to be a part of this organization, not only to help teach music to students but also to share the message of bringing music to the people who need it the most.

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